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Membership in TEI gets you answers—to questions about your career, tax functions and processes, regulations and legislation, and much more. Talk with members, attend meetings, read Tax Executive magazine, and listen to webinars to truly engage on local, national and global level.

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TEI Membership is open to all in-house tax professionals
administering the taxes of their employers

Membership Opportunities

Full Membership

In-house tax professionals with five years or more of experience are eligible for full membership. As seasoned experts in the industry, full members are equipped with the entire suite of TEI offerings and leadership opportunities to bolster their own knowledge and development, and influence a generation of emerging professionals.

Associate Membership

Associate members of TEI are those who currently have a career in tax but do not yet meet the five-year-experience requirement for full membership.

Student Membership

Students interested in an in-house tax career are offered a unique experience, receiving numerous opportunities, such as networking and skills development.

Emeritus Membership

Emeritus membership in the Institute is available to members or former members who have retired from qualifying employment and who are not otherwise gainfully employed.

Membership Benefits

TEI membership provides all members access to a wide array of benefits, including:

TEI membership provides all members access to a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Networking opportunities for career growth and knowledge sharing
  • Access to more than 600 yearly educational programs
  • Access to best practices and process improvement methodologies
  • Ongoing regulatory and legislative analyses
  • Access to Tax Executive magazine
  • Access to TEI Connect, an online forum for discussing in-house tax issues
  • Exclusive member rates for TEI events and content
Teri Hull
TEI Board Member, Regional Vice President
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for networking

Through various chapter-, regional-, and Institute-level events, members have access to many networking opportunities. From learning about personal experiences and discussing current, relevant topics, to workshopping problem-solving methods and gaining career insights, networking is the keystone of member benefits.

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The mentoring program and career center provide specific assistance to grow career and personal skills. Peer-to-peer conversations from the valuable networking TEI provides can help with day-to-day solutions. TEI has just the tools and practical aid a tax professional needs.”

Evan Ernest
TEI Board Member/
Chapter Representative

for education

For all members, education is vital. Through specialized courses and seminars, TEI members get access to up-to-date lessons on developments in tax policy, tax technology, best practices, and more to help you best manage your company’s tax functions for success.

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Sandhya Edupuganty
International President

for growth

Opportunities foster growth. Through all that TEI offers, members are guaranteed to make strides not only in improving their in-house tax departments, but also in becoming the most successful professionals they can be.

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Through the encouragement of my boss to join the local TEI leadership, I have excelled professionally, been promoted twice, been invited to the company’s executive meetings, and built relationships with outside firms.”

Linda Kim
TEI Board Member/
Regional Vice President
Real Opportunities for Networking, Education, and Growth

All the resources you’ll ever need are right here at one organization working specifically on behalf of your profession.

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