Chapter Leadership

Chapter leadership consists of President, Vice President (there can be more than one), Secretary, Treasurer, chapter board members, and Chapter Representative to the Institute Board of Directors.

  • The President is the chosen leader of the chapter, and is, therefore, looked to for strong, positive leadership.  The president should prepare a program for accomplishment within the term of office, and should present this program to the members.
  • The Vice President acts as an assistant to the president. The vice president is assigned specific responsibilities and plays an active role in the chapter.
  • The Secretary sends out meeting notices; in cooperation with the president, sets up agendas for the chapter board meetings; prepares minutes of all meetings; turns funds over to the treasurer, taking a receipt therefor; submits to the board for approval bills to be certified to the treasurer for payment; and performs all related functions as may be required by the chapter president or board.
  • The Treasurer is the watchdog of the treasury, usually collecting all funds and making deposits, drawing checks in payment of bills approved by the chapter board (on a bank selected by the board), and keeping accurate records.