Become A Member

TEI recognizes the strength a wide and diverse range of professionals offers the Institute. Membership today encompasses everyone from students to retired in-house tax executives. Members are employed by roughly 3,000 corporations around the world, including many Fortune 100 companies.

There are 5 categories of membership:

Please note: there is no initiation fee to become a member.

  • Full membership – corporate tax professionals with MORE than 5 years of total tax experience (including internships, public accounting and consulting).
  • Associate membership – corporate tax professionals with more LESS 5 years of total tax experience (including internships, public accounting and consulting).
  • Student membership – full time students pursuing a course of study that may lead to a career in tax.
  • Emeritus membership – retired corporate tax professionals who are not working in consulting or public accounting)
  • Honorary membership – granted to people who have "rendered conspicuous service in the field of tax administration and/or the activities of this Institute shall be eligible."

Applying online for membership in TEI is quick and easy.*

  1. Confirm you meet the eligibility requirements.
  2. Log in to Don't have a log in? Register to create your profile.
  3. Once you've finished creating your profile, you'll be prompted to complete the online membership application form.  If applying for Full membership, remember to include enough employment history to meet the 5-year minimum requirement!
  4. Submit payment for your first year of dues - $25 for Student members; $100 for Associate members or $275 for Full members. If you need an invoice to pay against, email [email protected] to request one.

And that’s it! Our membership department will be in touch soon if there are any questions, or to let you know the status of your application. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns during the process.

*If you’re interested in reinstating an expired membership or applying for an Emeritus membership, please see the next section.

Oh, you'd rather apply by mail, want an Emeritus membership, or you've let your membership lapse and would like to be reinstated?

Download and fill out the PDF versions of our Full, Associate, and Student Membership Application, Member Emeritus, and Reinstatement applications. (If you are a former member, please use the Reinstatement or Emeritus membership form as appropriate.)

Fees: Annual dues must be received before your application can be processed by the Membership Department. Please use this payment form to submit your dues if applying by mail.

Please note: there is no initiation fee to become a member.

Members in Transition

Temporarily unemployed members whose dues remain up to date may continue their membership for the current year plus two additional years while they seek a full-time in-house position. For more information contact TEI’s Membership Department, 202-638-5601 or [email protected].