TEI Officer List - 2018-2019

Below is the list of nominated individuals and retiring officers.

(Download the letter)

PRESIDENT Robert L. Howren James P. Silvestri *
SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT James P. Silvestri Katrina H. Welch
SECRETARY Katrina H. Welch James A. Kennedy
TREASURER James A. Kennedy Mitchell S. Trager
Vice President - I Fraser E. Reid Brian Mustard
Vice President - II John P. Orr Kimberly M. Pepe
Vice President - III Karen E. Miller Gregory Stay
Vice President - IV Evan G. Ernest Albert A. Pisanelli
Vice President - V Craig Schmidtgesling Craig Schmidtgesling
Vice President - VI David D. Gillman John A. Mann
Vice President - VII Michael F. Roach Kristine M. Rogers
Vice President - VIII Mitchell S. Trager Dina Armstrong
Vice President - IX Eric L. Johnson Jennifer K. Bowers
Vice President - X Silva Yeghyayan Linda S. Kim
Vice President - XI Tzi (Sam) Y. Sim Anna Theeuwes


* Elected President by operation of the By-Laws