TEI EMEA Chapter - Practical Best Practices for In-house Tax Professionals - Roundtables

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Chapter - EMEA

Event Description

In this series of monthly roundtables, we will share best practices in a number of fields (with an emphasis on TP at the backend). There is no one way of doing things in-house: those of you who have been in a couple of MNEs, will know that everyone does things differently.  
The goal of the roundtables is 2-fold:
  1. to provide those who struggle with certain aspects of their function with ideas of how to do things differently; and
  2. to benefit from our collective experiences to hear what works particularly well for some. 
We will not touch the OECD MTC or the TPG: this is about practical skills and solutions, not tax laws.
Each roundtable will:
- start with your feedback on the previous topics of discussion; 
- followed by a 30 minute presentation on the current topics; and 
- end with your ideas about best practices on the topic of discussion.  
During our first meeting we will also discuss ways to optimise the proposed program and the chosen format.  
The proposed program is:
Tuesday March 12: Introduction, the annual tax cycle, discussion on program and format.
Tuesday April 16: Basic Excel skills, overview of FTEs and file management.
Tuesday May 14: Tax policies and stakeholder management.
Tuesday June 11: Best practices in engaging external advisers.
Tuesday July 9: DAC6 & CbCR reporting.
Tuesday August 13: Tax audits and contract management.
Tuesday September 10: Best practices and pitfalls in MAPS and APAS
Tuesday October 8: Optimised data collection, SAP/HFM/Cognos data extraction models.
Tuesday November 12: TP doc optimisation practices.
Tuesday December 10: TP pricing and monitoring.
Tuesday January 14: Midyear and yearend adjustments.
If you are interested, please register here.  I look forward to seeing you on the call.