TEI Comments on the OECD’s “GloBE” Proposal

On December 2, 2019, TEI filed comments with the OECD regarding its public consultation document entitled Global Anti-Base Erosion Proposal (“GloBE”) – Pillar Two. “Pillar Two” of the OECD’s project on the tax consequences of the digitalization of the economy focuses on the potential need for a global minimum tax rate for multinational enterprises. TEI’s comments emphasized the need for the withdrawal of unilateral measures, a strong binding dispute resolution mechanism, and clear ordering rules, among other things. TEI’s comments also responded to the 11 sets of questions posed by the OECD in the consultation document.

TEI’s comments were prepared under the aegis of its European Direct Tax Committee, whose co-chairs are Kris Bodson of Johnson & Johnson and Giles Parsons. Benjamin R. Shreck, TEI Tax Counsel, assisted in preparation of the Institute’s comments.

Download the letter.