TEI Comments on the Multistate Tax Commission's Section 482 Project

On March 4, 2013, TEI submitted a memorandum to the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) urging it to abandon a proposed project aimed at creating model regulations governing the use of state statutory authority to adjust income and expenses between related parties (i.e., transfer pricing).

The comments were prepared under the aegis of TEI's State and Local Tax Committee, whose chair is Howard E. Grindle. Contributing substantially to the development of TEI's comments were Korwin Roskos of Amazon.com, Inc., Inc., Terrence D. Frederick of Sprint Nextel Corporation, and Victor Ledesma of Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Daniel B. De Jong of the Institute's legal staff coordinated the development of the Institute's comments. At a meeting on March 5, 2013, the MTC subcommittee considering this project voted to abandon it.

Download the submission.