TEI's 2017-2018 Nominating Committee Seeks Your Input

On August 8, 2017, TEI’s Board of Directors appointed the Institute’s 2017-2018 Nominating Committee, whose role is to nominate the three senior officers (Senior Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and eleven regional vice presidents for 2018-2019. (The Senior Vice President becomes President by operation of the By-Laws.)

The Nominating Committee will meet during the Annual Conference in Toronto in October, and in anticipation of its meeting, the committee is seeking recommendations of potential candidates for consideration. If you would like to recommend someone, please feel free to contact a member of the committee, whose names and email addresses are listed below. (Note: Two names are listed for each region; the first name is that of the region’s member, and the second is that of the region’s alternate.)

Suggestions may also be sent to the Institute’s Executive Director at edicker@tei.org.


  Janice L. Lucchesi Barry Callebaut Chicago (312) 953-1656 Lucchesijl@gmail.com
  Robert L. Howren BlueLinx Corporation Atlanta (770) 221-2731 robert.howren@bluelinxco.com
  James P. Silvestri PCS Wireless New Jersey (201) 937-1124 jim.silvestri@pcsww.com
1. Paul T. Magrath Huawei Canada Toronto (905) 944-5000 (7264) paul.magrath@huawei.com
1. Karina O TELUS Corporation Toronto (416) 883-4192 karina.o@telus.com
2. Jason Pack Columbus McKinnon Buffalo-Niagara (716) 689-5436 jason.pack@cmworks.com
2. Harold J. Spitzfaden RSR Partners, Inc. New York (917) 861-8523 hspitzfaden@rsrpartners.com
3. Catherine R. Gallagher Connell Limited Partnership New England (617) 391-5599 cgallagher@connell-lp.com
3. Ralph P. Corasiniti Swisher International Group Inc Westchester-Fairfield (203) 604-8614 rcorasaniti@swisher.com
4. Nicole C. Metcho TouchPoint Philadelphia (484) 326-0780 nicole.metcho@gmail.com
4. Kevin Maillet Leidos Baltimore-Washington (786) 269-1033 kevin.maillet@gmail.com
5. Mary E. Lewis Domino’s Pizza LLC Detroit (734) 930-3966 mary.e.lewis@comcast.net
5. Teri N. Hull Dart Container Corporation Western Michigan (517) 244-3266 Teri_Hull@dart.biz
6. Madeline R. Schneider Brunswick Corporation Chicago (847) 735-4175 Madeline.Schneider@brunswick.com
6. Lawrence A. Pociask Tate & Lyle, Inc. Chicago (847) 396-7810 lawrence.pociask@tateandlyle.com
7. Ron Willis United Launch Alliance Denver (303) 269-5310 ronald.willis@ulalaunch.com
7. Kenneth D. Keyes Fluor Corporation Fort Worth (469) 398-7058 ken.keyes@fluor.com
8. Marcus S. Shore Duke Energy Corporation Carolinas (704) 382-1045 marcus.shore@duke-energy.com
8. Bradley Pees Tyco International Florida (561) 912-6114 bpees@tyco.com
9. Roni Lee Height San Francisco   (925) 451-9953 RoniLeeHeight@gmail.com
9. Ricardo G. Samaniego Samsung Silicon Valley (408) 544-4033 rg.samaniego@samsung.com
10. Tim H. Jensen AgReserves, Inc Salt Lake City (801) 715-9106 tjensen@ari-slc.com
10. Daniel J. Maynard JDA Software Group, Inc. Arizona (480) 308-3065 dan.maynard@jda.com
11. Clive M. Baxter Maersk Group EMEA +4533634315 baxterapm@mail.dk
11. Alexander Koelbl General Dynamics Corp. EMEA +41581588897 alexander.koelbl@gdels.com