TEI's Monthly Diversity and Inclusion Moment

The past few years we’ve seen a drastic movement for change. This has been fueled by the availability of technology and the use of social media platforms making it easier for messages from Black Lives Matter, Me Too and many other movements to get their message out to the masses. This available information has allowed more people to become advocates for change not only in their everyday lives but within their organizations as well. This idea of speaking up for diversity, equality and inclusion is reaching out to us from all areas. Not only is it important to TEI at all levels but it is important to our sponsors as well.  

Our sponsors, and the organizations our members represent, are asking more out of us and our chapters and regions. The DEI working group has received communication from some of our chapters asking us what they can do to incorporate DEI into their events because they are being asked that question by their sponsors. In a previous article we provided a list of things to do at all levels to start your DEI journey, below are a few more ideas that we came up with to continue to assist you on your journey.

  • Partner with a diversity organization such as NABA ask them to come and speak at your event.
  • Reach out to local schools, universities and community colleges. Most schools have excellent DEI initiatives and resources. A lot of colleges will also have specialists in the field that would be happy to come speak at your event.
  • Have your chapter partner with a student group at a local college to discuss tax and how much you love it and the fact that it is such a great field to work in. Try to inspire and mentor the younger generations and bring them into the world of tax.
  • Partner with smaller minority companies, not to sponsor your event but you to give them a spotlight to shine and work with TEI.
  • Finally, make sure whatever you are doing for your event – whether it’s a “fun day out” networking event or an educational event – you think through inclusively. Ask yourself these questions “Who am I including and excluding by doing this activity? Is this activity going to make someone uncomfortable? What can our chapter do that will be fun and inclusive for all our members, not just some of them?”

Let’s continue the discussion on TEI Connect. Join the Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Group to tell us more about your inclusive activities and if sponsors are asking you to add more to your events.