TEI's March Diversity and Inclusion Moment

This month the DEI working group started looking into ways to create more diversity, equity, and inclusion at all the various levels of our organization. As we were brainstorming, we came up with a list of great ideas on how each level can be more inclusive and diverse as well as increase membership and the diversity of their membership.

  • When planning an educational event at any level look for a diverse group of speakers. Look for members of your panel to be a mix of different ages, sexes, ethnicities, and geographical locations. If your panel all fall under the same set of demographics you fail to get a wide range of views.
  • If your panel is provided by a sponsor, don’t be afraid to ask that sponsor for a diverse group of speakers.
  • Look for guest speakers to come to your chapter or regional event to discuss DEI and how to incorporate new initiatives into your organization or just have an open discussion. You can even ask members of the DEI working group to take part.  
  • Include a DEI piece in your President’s letter or chapter/regional newsletter.  
  • Use your chapter or regions social media platforms to highlight that DEI is important to you and the organization.
  • Those in leadership positions look at the diversity of your leaders versus the diversity of your membership. Does your leadership match your membership, if not ask yourself why and what you can do to improve this?

These next few tips involve recruiting new and diverse members. These tips will not only help increase membership in your chapter and region, but they will also supply more opportunities to diversify your membership.

  • Work with local Alumni associations. Many of them have events where chapters or regions could set up a booth and talk with students and graduates about membership.  
  • Invite students and those from your company (who are not members) to a chapter meeting, luncheon, or charity event to show them that TEI would not only like to represent them but how they can benefit from being able to network with a large community of tax professionals.
  • Speak with professors about introducing their students to TEI and how it can benefit them in their future or ongoing careers. Even become a guest speaker in their classroom.
  • Diversify scholarship candidates.
  • Volunteer to sponsor or mentor a student or non-member.


We want to know your great ideas! Join the conversation on TEI Connect with the TEI Diversity & Inclusion Discussion Group. Let us know how you incorporate DEI into your activities and organizations.

And don’t forget to fill out the DEI Culture Survey!