TEI’s Canadian Income and Commodity Tax Committees Seek Member Input for 2021 Liaison Meetings

The members of TEI’s Canadian Income Tax and Canadian Commodity Tax committees are actively preparing for the Institute’s 2021 liaison meetings in Ottawa, and they seek your input in developing this year’s meeting agendas.

The role of both standing committees is to advocate for the improvement of the Canadian tax system for the benefit of TEI members and the companies they serve.  They do this through many channels, including the submission of comments on relevant tax policy issues to the Minister of Finance and engagement with the Canada Revenue Agency on matters of tax compliance and administration.  Additionally, each year in December, they hold formal liaison meetings with representatives of the Department of Finance and Canada Revenue Agency in Ottawa to discuss select issues of widespread concern to TEI members.  The issues discussed at these meetings are based on questions prepared and submitted in advance.  After the meetings, we typically seek written responses from the government for publication on TEI’s website.   

Interested TEI members are invited to provide their input by the close of business on Friday, August 27, to ensure that their concerns are properly considered by the relevant committee(s) and raised with the Department of Finance or Canada Revenue Agency, as appropriate.  Kindly submit all questions or comments via e-mail to ca_liaison@tei.org.