TEI's 2021 Corporate Tax Department Survey – Results Are In!

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TEI’s 2021 Corporate Tax Department Survey provides an in-depth look at the organization, operations, and activities of corporate tax departments across the globe. The 2021 study tracks the results from TEI’s 2005 and 2012 surveys, benchmarking and highlighting changes in tax departments over the past 15 years. The survey also explores the impacts of COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic on tax departments, especially as it relates to their staffing and day-to-day operations.
Key areas addressed in this report include:

  • Company Information (location, size, ownership, financial information, etc.)
  • Organization of the tax department (personnel, leadership, etc.)
  • Tax department staffing, including changes due to the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic
  • Tax department budget
  • Personnel development, performance measurement, and recognition
  • Tax department responsibilities and compliance activities
  • Corporate governance
  • Tax examination (audit) activity
  • Uncertain tax positions and other tax reserves
  • Tax and technology 

This comprehensive 90-page report summarizes the survey results and provides detailed tables of the survey results for each question, and makes key comparisons to TEI’s 2005 and 2012 surveys. This report is a must-read for senior tax executives committed to making informed decisions for their corporate tax departments.


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