Experiencing undue delays or other problems with IRS examinations of TCJA Issues? TEI is here to help!

LB&I leadership is eager to work with TEI to address the difficulties many of us are facing in examinations of TCJA issues, but we first need to help them understand where the problems lie. To do this, we are compiling specific information on what is causing delays in examinations of TCJA issues.  If you or your colleagues have relevant experience to share (feel free to forward this request to the appropriate person in your company), please take a moment to respond to the questions in this Smartsheet:  Resolving Delays in Audits of TCJA Issues (if the hyperlinked text does not work, please click this link or paste it into your browser: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/98b8a45a89334b6db682d9d01aab0da9) TEI’s Administrative Affairs Committee will compile the data and present it to LB&I on an anonymous basis. Your company will not be disclosed as the source of the information. If you are not able to access the Smartsheet, please contact Patrick Evans on pevans@tei.org or 202-464-8351, and he will send you the questions in an email or obtain your input in a telephone call.