2020-2021 Nominating Committee Process Open

TEI Nominating Committee Seeks Your Input

On August 11, 2020, TEI’s Board of Directors appointed the Institute’s 2020-2021 Nominating Committee, whose role is to nominate the three senior officers (Senior Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and eleven regional vice presidents for 2021-2022. (The Senior Vice President becomes President by operation of the By-Laws.)

The Nominating Committee will meet virtually during the Annual Conference in October, and in anticipation of its meeting, the committee is seeking recommendations of potential candidates for consideration.  If you would like to recommend someone, please feel free to contact a member of the committee, whose names and email addresses are listed below.  (Note: Two names are listed for each region; the first name is that of the region’s member, and the second is that of the region’s alternate.)  Suggestions may also be sent to the Institute’s Director of Operations at [email protected].

Region Name Company Chapter Phone Email
  Katrina H. Welch Ecolab, Inc. Dallas (214) 734-9994 [email protected]
  James A. Kennedy   Denver (303) 885-4287 [email protected]
  Mitchell S. Trager Koch Companies Services, LLC Atlanta (404) 652-2690 [email protected]
1 Mark Caluori Panamerican Silver Vancouver (604) 806-3185 [email protected]
1 Paul Magrath  Huawei Toronto (905) 944-5000 x-7264 [email protected]
2 Gregory A. Viggiano Maersk Inc. New York (973) 514-5260 [email protected]
2 John P. Orr, Jr. Equinox New York (646) 572-4689 [email protected]
3 Edward L. Corbosiero Endurance Int’l Group, Inc. New England (617) 800-5299    [email protected]
3 Richard Nadel Axcelis Technologies, Inc. New England (978) 787-9531 [email protected]
4 Allen Ezard Savencia, Inc Harrisburg  (610) 507-9609 [email protected]
4 Jibu Vergis Vanguard Philadelphia (610) 503-6307 [email protected]
5 Kathleen S. Rodes The Andersons, Inc. Detroit (231) 631-6313 [email protected]
5 Christopher J. Rosko The Lubrizol Corporation Cleveland (440) 347-5099 [email protected]
6 Charles A. Fitzer Equiniti Trust Company Minnesota (612) 419-8006 [email protected]
6 Rita M. Makaris McDermott Will & Emery LLP Chicago (312) 479-5087 [email protected]
7 Kenneth D. Keyes Fluor Corporation Ft. Worth (469) 398-7058 [email protected]
7 Angelique Carter Dish Network Denver (720) 514-6423 [email protected]
8 Dina Armstrong Swedish Match NA Inc. Virginia (804) 787-5133 [email protected]
8 Marcus S. Shore  Dominion Energy Services, Inc. Carolinas (804) 771-4464    [email protected]
9 Kristen B. Proschold Stripe, Inc. Silicon Valley (925) 895-6610 [email protected]
9 Wayne Wallace Cook Inlet Region, Inc. Alaska  (907) 263-5122 [email protected]
10 Kevin Manes Kingston Technology Co., Inc. Orange County (714) 445-2839 [email protected]
10 Linda M. Lambson Carvana Arizona (503) 318-1646 [email protected]
11 TBD        
11 TBD