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As most of you have already received your notice to renew your TEI national membership dues, please keep in mind that you will also be receiving a notice that it is time to pay your Houston Chapter Tax Executives Institute Pre-Bill in the amount of $175.

This bill is separate and apart from your national dues and is optional, but it allows you to attend a myriad of Houston events without having to make any additional payments when you register. The pre-bill is intended to save the local members both time and money.

Benefits of the Pre – Bill

Attendance to all monthly Houston Chapter TEI meetings - 9 per Year $225.00
Substitutes are allowed for this meeting only  
Without Pre-Bill cost is $25 per month  
Attendance to any Roundtable including: 300.00
IRS Practice and Procedures, International, State and Local, Woodlands  
Without Pre-Bill cost is $25 per meeting – assume 12 meetings  
Networking Events  
Past events have included Houston Rockets and / or Astros 250.00
TEI Annual Holiday Party (not to be missed!) 300.00
No monthly expense reports to file Priceless
Total of All Events $1075.00
Less Pre-Bill $175.00
Savings $900.00


If you have any questions regarding this pre-bill, please contact Cliff Mangano at [email protected] or any of other the board members.

Both TEI National and the Houston Chapter operate on a July 1st to June 30th fiscal year. This is why the National Dues and the Annual Pre-Bill timing also coincide.

To choose your Pre-Bill option now, login to the Houston Chapter website, click Manage Profile on the right hand navigation bar, click Memberships near the bottom of the Manage Profile page, and then click "Securely renew your membership now” and you will have two options available. "FREE” cost nothing now, but you will have to pay for events ala carte. "PAID” will take allow you to pay $175 now and enjoy all the benefits for the following year.

A grace period is in effect from July 1st to August 31st. During this time, whichever choice you made for last year is still in effect until you make your new choice. After August 31st, the system will require you to choose one of the two options.

Note: The Houston Chapter website is hosted by a third-party service that does not allow us to change the words "Securely renew your membership now” to "Choose an option for the Annual Pre-Bill” and this has led to confusion in the past. We hope by providing abundant communication that we can mitigate the issue.

Chapter Leadership

  • Aric Mann - Chapter President
  • Emily T. Whittenburg - Chapter Representative
  • Darren Miles - Chapter First Vice President
  • Renee E. Gonzalez - Chapter Second Vice President
  • Janet M. Rudnicki - Chapter Secretary
  • Mr. Mark T. Hennen - Chapter Treasurer
  • Clifford A. Mangano - Chapter Board Director
  • Eamonn Bakewell - Chapter Board Director
  • Elizabeth B. Atkinson - Chapter Board Director
  • Mr. Paul Broman - Chapter Board Director
  • Susan K. Musch - Chapter Board Director
  • Zhijie Janice Fan - Chapter Board Director
  • Alan Marsh - Chapter Web Administrator