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Welcome to the Denver Chapter of TEI. It's going to be an exciting year and we hope to see you at many of our meetings.

The Denver Chapter would like to encourage members to volunteer to assist in planning our program meetings, so that we obtain new and interesting speakers for the related topics. Please contact either an officer or board member if you would like to volunteer.

Contact Denver Chapter

Chapter Leadership

  • Bethany Mesko - Chapter President
  • Jay T. Roberts - Chapter Representative
  • Claire B Selix - Chapter First Vice President
  • Claire B Selix - Chapter Secretary
  • Mr. James Lawrence Owsley - Chapter Treasurer
  • Grant Sleight - Chapter Board Director
  • Holly Clark - Chapter Board Director
  • KAREN THOMAS - Chapter Board Director
  • Ms. WINNIE TSANG - Chapter Board Director
  • Robert Whitaker - Chapter Board Director
  • Position Vacant - Chapter Communications Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter Corporate Tax Management Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter Federal Tax Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter Financial Reporting Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter SALT Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter U.S. International Tax Chair
  • Position Vacant - Chapter Tax Technology Chair