TEI Recommends Improvements to British Columbia's Carbon Tax

On September 14, 2012, TEI submitted a letter to the British Columbia Ministry of Finance urging the Province to use proceeds from the carbon tax to provide incentives for businesses that make investments in alternative fuel sources, methods for capturing emissions, or other "green" projects, and suggesting changes to make the tax more administrable.

The comments were prepared under the aegis of TEI's Canadian Commodity Tax Committee, whose chair is Robert J. Smith of the McKesson Canada. Contributing substantially to the development of TEI's comments was Hugh Magill of Husky Energy, Inc. Daniel B. De Jong of the Institute's legal staff coordinated the development of the Institute's comments. TEI previously commented on the Carbon Tax in its June 13, 2012 submission to the British Columbia Expert Panel on Business Taxation in the context of providing general suggestions to make the Province's tax system more competitive.

Download the submission.