TEI Issues Policy Statement on Retroactive Tax Legislation

On September 20, 2016, TEI issued a new policy statement on retroactive tax legislation. The policy statement takes the position that sound tax policy and administration require governments to provide taxpayers with certainty and fairness, and these principles are not satisfied when legislatures are permitted to enact retroactive tax legislation without meaningful limits. TEI's policy statements reflect TEI's position on important administrative and procedural issues, and facilitate advocacy by providing formal position papers TEI's members can use when communicating with taxing agencies. Other policy statements generated by the State and Local Tax Committee over the past year address: (1) Reporting Federal Income Tax Changes, (2) Audit Procedures, (3) Corporate Tax Return Due Dates, (4) State and Local-Imposed Audit Fees, and (5) Interest Rates, (6) Statutes of Limitation, (7) Alternative Apportionment, and (8) State Tax Haven Legislation. The policy statement was prepared under the aegis of TEI's State and Local Tax Committee, whose chair is Jamie Fenwick. Committee member Vic Ledesma and Committee Vice Chair Marji Gordon-Brown coordinated the drafting of the policy statement with TEI Tax Counsel, Pilar Mata.

Download the policy statement.