TEI Holds 2012 Liaison Meetings with Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Department of Finance

On December 4-5, 2012, a delegation of members from TEI's Income and Commodity Tax Committees met with representatives from Canada Revenue Agency and the Department of Finance in annual liaison meetings.

The agendas for the separate meetings on Excise and Income tax matters with each agency were developed by the Institute's Canadian Commodity Tax Committee and Canadian Income Tax Committee, respectively. The Chair of the Canadian Income Tax Committee is Bonnie Dawe of Finning International, Inc. The chair of the Canadian Commodity Tax Committee is Robert J. Smith of McKesson Canada. TEI Tax Counsel Daniel B. De Jong coordinated the preparation of the Excise Tax agenda; TEI Senior Tax Counsel Jeffery P. Rasmussen coordinated the preparation of the Income Tax agendas.

Income Tax Matters

Excise Tax Matters