Regions VI & VII Hold Annual Liaison Meeting with IRS Executives

On May 16, 2017, TEI members from chapters throughout Regions VI & VII convened in Houston, Texas, for their annual IRS Liaison Tax Conference.  The event was hosted by Anadarka Petroleum Corporation and attending members were treated to a wide-ranging and candid dialog with senior LB&I and Appeals executives from around the country.  Topics covered included rollout of the new LB&I examination process and Campaign initiative; LB&I staffing & training; areas of emphasis in cross border activities, transfer pricing, and country-by-country reporting; R&E credit exams; CAP; and recent changes to Appeals conference procedures. The conference planning committee included, from TEI: Beth Atkinson, Janet Kreilein, Aric Mann, Larry Pociask, Rich Wireman, Madeline Schneider, Paul Broman and Mickey Culpepper, and from the IRS: Territory Manager Eileen Johnson and Case Manager Robert Budney. 


Included in picture (left to right) are: Aric Mann, TEI panel moderator from Anadarko Petroleum; Kathy Robbins, Director of the Enterprise Practice Area and lead Executive in the rollout of Campaigns; Kimberly Edwards, Director of the Central & Western Compliance Practice Areas; John Hinman, DFO Transfer Pricing Practice; Margie Maxwell, Acting DFO South, Central Practice Area; and Scott Ballint, Acting DFO Great Lakes, Eastern Practice Area.