Celebrating 75 Years

Congratulations Tax Executives Institute!

You have built and sustained chapters and regions, designed educational programs, and hosted networking events to enhance the quality and professional environment for in-house tax professionals worldwide. Now, as TEI celebrates its 75th anniversary, please share a memorable TEI experience, a particularly humorous anecdote, or recognize a TEI colleague who has had a special impact on you. Post your thoughts and pictures for everyone to see and appreciate.

Eli Dicker Eli Dicker
TEI Executive Director
Member Since 2000

There are so many lifelong colleagues and close friends that I have met at chapter meetings, IRS liaison meetings, Institute courses and seminars, and Annual and Midyear Conferences that I would never had met if it were not for this great organization. I know that whenever I need to reach out to another in-house tax professional anywhere in the world, I can make a call to a TEI colleague and get honest, accurate and practical information and solutions and that is professionally priceless.

- Louis Mestier Eldorado Resorts, Inc. Vice President, Tax
Member Since 1999

The ability to broaden our education and training to encompass tax technology holistically increases the relevance of TEI for our member community in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world. It is rewarding to be able to take an initiative that was important to me and bring it forward as an offering that has proven to be self-sustaining with the ability to grow exponentially in the level of sophistication and pertinence. This proves a member can effect change through engagement.

- Sandhya Edupuganty Texas Instruments Incorporated Tax Compliance and Technology Director
Member Since 2005

15 years ago I relocated from Columbus to Cleveland, OH. After passively participating in events with the Columbus-Cincinnati Chapter, I made the decision to become much more active in Cleveland Chapter events. I was new to the area, and didn't have any "tax" connections. My original goal of networking in a new city has been met many times over, but more importantly, the educational opportunities and friendships made along the way have been priceless.

- Scott Tincher Covia Holdings Corporation Director, Taxation
Member Since early 2000

TEI is a great organization to join to get to know tax colleagues both locally and nationally. It also introduces you to many of the tax experts at leading accounting and law firms through local chapter, regional and national meetings and conferences. I have developed relationships with colleagues both locally and nationally that I would not have had the opportunity to meet without being a member of TEI.

- Linda Lambson Carvana Tax Director
Member Since 1996

When leaving public accounting, a director with prior industry experience pointed me to TEI as a resource for continuing education and networking opportunities for in-house tax professionals. As my focus shifted toward international tax, serving on chapter- and institute-level International Tax committees has enabled long-lasting associations and friendships with talented tax professionals among whom an exchange of ideas, practices, and knowledge has been meaningful and rewarding to my career.

- Peter Waterstreet VMware, Inc. International Tax Director
Member Since 1991

The Toronto chapter played a pivotal role in advocating and supporting the Ontario government's landmark initiative of converting a non-recoverable sales tax (PST) to a value-added tax which harmonized with the Federal GST; thus the birth of HST in Ontario in 2010. It was truly Historic, Strategic and Transformative. (picture taken at TEI's townhall meeting on HST with Chapter President - Winston Woo, Deputy Minister of Finance - Steve Orsini, Minister of Revenue - Sophia Aggelonitis

- Winston Woo AGS Automotive Systems Executive Director of tax & pensions
Member Since 2005

TEI provides us with the resources to do our job better and the opportunities to grow in so many more ways. My work with the IRS Administrative Affairs Committee has provided me the opportunity to assist in working to streamline some of the IRS audit processes. An added benefit that is unparalleled in any other organization is the professional tax contacts one can establish through TEI. Thank you TEI for all you have done for my career and my organization.

- Brad Pees Nestle USA Lead Tax Controversy
Member Since 1990

I had the honor and privilege of serving as International President for this preeminent association of global in-house tax professionals We focused our efforts to attract and retain the emerging tax professionals, who represent the future of this organization. TEI has meant so much to me and my career through the lifelong friends that I have made and the relationships that I have developed as a result of my association with this great organization.

- Mark Silbiger The Lubrizol Corporation, a Berkshire Hathaway company Director of Tax
Member Since 1990

My TEI experience and my Successes all relate to serving our members and being part of an organization that works so hard for the interests of all its members. My first success story was when I attended my very first TEI meeting and handed out materials on the tables -it made me feel part of TEI. Also, working for the members of Region 7 and now 8 and organizing the Regional Meetings for almost 20 years --draws me to the members. Congratulations to all the Past Leaders of TEI -THANK YOU!

- Mitchell Trager Georgia-Pacific LLC Senior Tax Counsel
Member Since 1992

TEI provides perpetual value to each Member as their careers develop. Forging friendships, learning opportunities, and connecting provides immeasurable value and support. TEI is an excellent forum for tax professionals, whether early in one’s career or later when taking the opportunity to give back. TEI engagement and activities have evolved to remain highly relevant. Congratulations to Eli, all the TEI staff, and every Member for making TEI a success story. Carry on, 75 is just the beginning!

- Rich Wireman Principal VP - Tax