Emerging Tax Professionals

ETP_buildabear2.jpgHave you heard about the Emerging Tax Professional Initiative?

TEI is creating new and different value for the next generation of in-house tax professionals

The emerging tax professional represents a constituency of in-house tax professionals who are entering the profession with a different view on knowledge acquisition, career development and professional networking.  TEI is embracing the challenge of identifying, recruiting, engaging and retaining these professionals as the way to secure a vibrant membership and pipeline of future organizational leaders.  Past Institute President, Mark Silbiger, with the support of the Executive Committee formed and launched the Emerging Tax Professional Sub-committee (ETP) as part of the Corporate Tax Management Committee to provide an institutional platform to examine the needs of the merging tax professional—from all sides.

Under the leadership of Kris Rogers (Oklahoma City) and Emily Whittenburg (Houston), the subcommittee has grown to 40 members, with members from all regions.  A three-year strategy and implementation plan was developed and the group is well into the second year of implementing their plan which includes hosting social and networking events at Institute conferences, regional events and local chapters as well delivering non-technical training sessions on topics like leadership, generational diversity and unconscious bias.  The group has also developed a toolkit to assist chapters in identifying, recruiting and engaging newer members.

Ready to Raise Awareness and Engage the Emerging Tax Professionals in Your Area

If your chapter is interested in learning more about engaging and recruiting ETPs or is just looking to offer some non-technical sessions to members, check out the Meetings in a Box listed below.  These were developed by the ETP subcommittee and can be delivered by a member of the ETP subcommittee to your chapter or they can train a chapter member to deliver them as well.

  • Generational Differences in the Workplace: This session provides a fun and lively review of the multiple generations currently in the workplace today and offers suggestions on how to flex across the generations to improve communication and effectiveness in your organization. 
  • Unleashing the Leaders Within Your Organization: This session presents the importance of developing your personal leadership style and how to develop and inspire your team to perform more effectively.
  • Unconscious Bias: This session discusses the unconscious biases we all possess and help us understand ways to identify them and prevent the biases from impacting our business decisions, personnel judgment and even team staffing.

For more information about TEI’s Emerging Tax Professional Subcommittee and initiatives or to volunteer to help or join the ETP Subcommittee, contact one of the subcommittee chairs: