TEI advocates to improve overall tax administration through uniform enforcement of tax law, while minimizing administrative and compliance costs. Advocacy work is focused on striking a balance between fair, administrable rules and sound tax administration, which impact taxpayers in every aspect of a corporate tax department’s work and in every industry.

The effectiveness of TEI’s advocacy efforts is directly related to the active involvement of our members. Although TEI’s legal team has almost 100 years of combined experience on tax policy and administration issues, we depend on the unique insights of the in-house tax professional. There is simply no substitute for real-world experience – it imbues TEI’s comments with credibility and helps governments craft more administrable rules.

Over the years, TEI has had a positive effect on the tax laws and procedures – from BEPS and Section 385 to state and local policy statements and (hopefully) tax reform. Each success began with one or more TEI members stepping forward to make their issue the Institute’s issue. We achieve even greater success by breaking down the barriers to member involvement. Review our “how-to” guide or contact a member of our legal team to get started!

Recent Submissions

On June 11, 2024, TEI submitted comments on the proposed regulations on the stock repurchase excise tax. TEI requested clarification on the method for electing to apply the proposed regulations…
On May 29th, 2024, TEI filed comments with Canadian Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland regarding Budget 2024's proposed expanded Canada Revenue Agency audit powers. TEI's comments focused on the…
On March 31, 2024, TEI submitted comments to the Internal Revenue Service (the "Service") regarding foreign tax redeterminations ("FTRs") under section 905(c). The post-TCJA final regulations…

Recent Liaison Meetings

On December 5-6, 2023, a delegation of the Canadian Commodity Tax Committee members participated in TEI's annual liaison meetings with representatives of the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) and…
The Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") has submitted its written responses to TEI's December 6, 2022, CRA-TEI liaison meeting questions. Read the responses here.
The Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") has submitted its written responses to TEI's December 7, 2021, CRA-TEI liaison meeting questions. Read the responses here.

GuideToAdvocacy.pngWHAT IS ADVOCACY?

TEI is dedicated to improving the tax systems administered in jurisdictions where TEI chapters are located. Advocacy is simply the means through which TEI advances its objectives by communicating concerns to government decision-makers and recommending changes and improvements to the tax rules. TEI advocates on matters affecting business taxpayers as a whole and generally avoids narrow issues that could divide the organization. Particular areas of emphasis are minimizing compliance burdens, improving audit processes and other aspects of tax administration, and promoting sound tax policy.

Examples of recent TEI advocacy efforts include:

  • Written comments on proposed regulations
  • Written comments on administrative rulings and procedures
  • Written comments to the OECD on BEPS action items and related oral testimony at OECD hearings
  • Amicus briefs filed with the United States Supreme Court
  • Meetings with tax officials at the IRS, U.S. Treasury, and state and local departments of revenue
  • Meetings with tax officials at the Canada Revenue Agency and Department of Finance
  • Written policy statements coving issues that arise in multiple taxing jurisdictions (e.g., TEI’s policy statement encouraging states to establish pre-payment, independent tax tribunals)
  • Participation in joint government-business efforts and projects with other organizations
  • Written and oral testimony on legislative proposals in the United States, Canada, and various European Union Member States.

Need more information? Interested in getting involved? Download the Member's Guide to Advocacy and get started!