Application Forms

Eligibility: To be eligible for TEI membership you must have at least five years of corporate tax or equivalent experience and hold a ​tax position in a profit-oriented business.  Individuals employed by law firms or accounting firms with a public tax practice are not eligible. Individuals employed by companies that sell tax-related or ancillary products or services (e.g., appraisal services or tax software) must be solely involved in the tax function of the employer.

To Apply for Membership by Mail or Fax

If you prefer to submit your application for membership by fax or mail, download this form.

To Apply for Associate Membership

Click here to download the Associate membership application form, and submit by mail or fax. Associate Membership is available to current (and former) members who have retired. Associate membership benefits include a subscription to Tax Executive magazine, a copy of the annual membership roster, access to members-only content on the website, and reduced conference registration fees.

To Reinstate Your Membership

If you are a former TEI member and wish to reinstate your membership, click here to download the Reinstatement form and submit by fax or mail.​​