TEI Tax Reform Task Force Prepares for Coming Tax Reform Debate

TEI, working through its Tax Reform Task Force under the leadership of John Mann, is actively preparing to assess tax legislative proposals. We are looking to evaluate, on an industry-by-industry basis, legislative proposals for both substantive effects and tax administration implications. The former will help inform members about the effects on their employers and their industries, as well as provide insight about legislative effects to in-house peers in other industries. The latter will assist the Institute to develop public positions focused on the associated compliance costs and burdens as well as recommendations to ameliorate them. These efforts will allow TEI to make meaningful and constructive contributions to the tax reform debate, serve all of its members to promote sound, fair tax administration while avoid pitting one industry group versus another.

Your participation is welcome and invited. Because you care about the direction of tax policy and tax administration, your contributions are essential to our efforts. If you want to join this important effort, please contact us.